We want to help you lead any project to success. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of services to large as well as medium-size companies. In the following, you can find the fitting services for your company.

Services for large companies

We can give your project a logical structure that will ensure a coherent reporting and an easy control of your progress. We will make sure that you never lose track of your projects again!

Our entire work is based on approved standards and “best practices”. We combine them with endless creativity and unwavering commitment in order to finish a project successfully. An optimized controlling facilitates the entire process and ensures that you remain in control of your project.

We offer longstanding experience in the field of business analytics, from the beginning of your project up until its successful completion. Assessing and analyzing your business will help remove any possible hurdles that might come in your way. Were all the requirements considered? Have all relevant departments been included? Making improvements later on will mean higher costs for you.

We offer professional consultations concerning IT systems and communication technology. Our team never stops learning which is why we can provide innovative and individual solutions.

We can optimize your tools to simplify the work on your project. Your individual wishes will be fully considered.

Services for medium-size companies

We provide customized solutions for the project management in medium-sized firms. Our team will cater for an excellent execution.

Our team draws up and maintains all the necessary project documents, such as scope statements, schedules, reports and presentations.

Not every project requires a full-time external consultant. Therefore, we also offer part-time management work for a fraction of the original costs.

Your teams can inquire the status of your project on a regular basis (e.g. once a week) and we will prepare a clear overview for the management.