When looking for a job, the big names in the IT industry can often seem far more appealing than lesser known companies. However, there are also many advantages to working in a smaller firm that one should certainly take into consideration.

The employee in a large company is like a cog in the wheel. If you remove one, nothing will happen. In this case, it is not the individual that counts but the mass.

In a small company, the employee is like the pole of a teepee. If you remove one, the entire construction will collapse. Every employee is aware of his value and the importance of his contribution to the company.

Work takes up a lot of one’s time. So why waste it on a job you do not enjoy and that does not give you any satisfaction? Taking on responsibility and seeing the impact of your efforts will bring you true happiness and contentment.

Are you looking for a challenge?

In the business analytics department, you can help our clients define cross-departmental processes and provide an ideal systematic support. You will have the possibility to prove your creativity and inventive mind.

Project management requires a lot of organizational skill. Stay in control of time, budget and quality to reach a successful result.

Programming is for those who want to show their technical skills. Inspire our colleagues with innovative concepts and clever algorithms. Help our clients minimize tedious work processes. Make use of prototypes and click-dummies demonstrating your ability to solve a difficult problem elegantly.

You are going to love it!So come work with us!

  • We encourage your personal and professional growth.
  • You receive qualified feedback concerning your performance and ideas regularly.
  • We always support self-initiative.
  • We offer great opportunities for your professional development.
  • You receive a salary that matches your performance.
  • Superiors are not meant to watch over you minutely but to make sure that your ideas are heard and brought to life.

Current Job Offers

IT-Project Manager / Business Analyst in Telecommunications (m/f/d)

Job Description

As Project Manager you support our clients in different projects concerning product development and product lifecycle management. Your tasks include drawing up the analysis and documentation of requirements as well as creating software models (prototyping, interface draft, GUI-Design). You depict your results in the form of German and English specification documents und presentations. You get to work on multiple projects simultaneously and accompany them from the first idea until the successful finish.


  • completed IT, Business IT studies or similar (Bachelor or Master)
  • deep-rooted understanding of company models (chart- and interface-oriented design)
  • basic knowledge of programming and several coding languages
  • fluent German and English
  • project management certificates are beneficial, e.g. Prince2 or PMP
  • responsible, confident and able to work in a team

IT Consultant (m/w/d)

Job Description

You are responsible for projects introducing different products. It is your task to develop creative and technical solutions for our clients. After a project is finished, you ensure a smooth transfer of the product into hands of the client’s employees.


  • studies in the technical/scientific field with good records
  • fluent in German and English
  • ability to work in a team, flexible, resilient, willing to learn
  • IT knowledge (data models for companies and ability to extract important information from them for your daily work)
  • great analytical abilities and creative thinking

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